Goodness Party Franklin quote 2 Virtuous people capable of freedom

Recognize only a virtuous people are capable of freedom

Franklin’s wisdom for US: Our freedom in the United States of America depends on our goodness as individuals, as a people, and as a nation. Never take our freedom for granted.

Franklin viewed living virtuously as a duty of all people, necessary for our liberty and happiness.

We must recognize that our nation’s biggest enemy is not from outside. It is ourselves. We are the enemy when we are not kind to each other. When we do not do goodness to each other. When we support or turn a blind eye to corruption, overreach of power, and hatred.

The tone of our nation is set from the top. When leaders are corrupt, hamper investigations to root out corruption, condone corruption, or strike out with vengeance, it sets the wrong tone for the people of the nation. Our freedom weakens and can fall.

If the overwhelming benefits to the self, to our liberties, and to humankind were not sufficient to persuade us to be virtuous, Franklin invoked, “God will certainly reward virtue and punish vice either here or hereafter.”

Franklin’s call to action for US: Strengthen our virtues, fight corruption, and eliminate hatred so that freedom rings for all.

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“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”