Goodness Party Franklin quote 21 Liberties make people happy and render despotism more circumspect

Ensure the United States is the shining light of liberty in the world

Franklin’s wisdom for US: A free and virtuous America will help diminish bad governments elsewhere.

Since its existence, the United States has been a beacon of hope and light for democracy and freedom for people across the world. It has helped our standing in the world, and it has helped limit the spread of tyranny in other countries.

The Goodness Party believes our nation is losing this luster. It can be regained and strengthened by instilling governments of goodness at all levels across our nation and by increasing goodness in ourselves as citizens and human beings.

Franklin’s call to action for US: Improve our government’s goodness and our virtues so that we can maintain and strengthen our liberties.

Quote on image:

“Establishing the liberties of America will not only make the people happy, but will have some effect in diminishing the misery of those who in the other parts of the world groan under despotism, by rendering it more circumspect, and inducing it to govern with a lighter hand.”