Goodness Party Join Only Groups of Goodness

Join only groups of Goodness, our Nation depends on it

As social beings it is human nature to join groups. The groups you join affect your beliefs and your psyche and can affect those outside the circle. So choose your groups wisely.

Whatever groups you join or align with, make sure goodness is a core foundational value of the group, both in its culture and its actions.

This goodness applies to yourself, the other members of the group, and to others outside the group. A group that only cares about itself or is intentionally against others outside the group is not a group of goodness.

Political parties are groups.

If your group acts with destruction, with negativism, with hatred, with harm, with deception, or with callousness, either push for goodness in your group or get out of the group. America needs citizens of goodness for the goodness of our nation.

The ideology of the Goodness Party is “Goodness in government, always.” There are no exceptions. Goodness is the underpinning value for the Goodness Party. It is in our name. It is in our ideology. It is in our motto.

Push for goodness in government. And push for goodness in your groups.