Goodness Party Franklin quote 5 Benefits for the common good is divine

Our goodness for others is divine

Franklin’s wisdom for US: Recognize the strong connection between godliness and doing goodness for all.

Franklin led the creation of many projects for the public good. While living in Philadelphia, he helped establish the first volunteer fire company, first police force, first fire insurance company, the first hospital, and an academy that eventually became the University of Pennsylvania.

Another of Franklin’s public good projects was the creation of the first subscription library in the colonies: the Library Company of Philadelphia. The library increased the number and enhanced the quality of books in Philadelphia.

The seal for the library, which Franklin designed, contains the motto that emphasizes the godliness of doing goodness that benefits the public: Communiter Bona profundere Deum est.

Franklin’s call to action for US: Do good deeds for the public good.

Quote on image:

Communiter Bona profundere Deum est
Translation: To pour forth benefits for the common good is divine”