Goodness Party Franklin quote 1 United party of virtue

Establish a new and united party of goodness

Franklin’s wisdom for US: Let us unite as a party for goodness.

Franklin conceived of this “great and extensive project” in a little paper he wrote in May 9, 1731. He expounded on his thoughts when writing a portion of his Autobiography in August 1788. Even 57 years after conception, he still believed in its original cause and benefits.

His vision for this party was unlike other parties. It was to be based on virtue and goodness to mankind.

Quite prescient of the problems we are now facing with our political parties, he noted what typically happens with parties:

That as soon as a party has gained its general point, each member becomes intent upon his particular interest, which thwarting others, breaks that party into divisions, and occasions more confusion.

That few in public affairs act from a mere view of the good of their country, whatever they may pretend; and though their actings bring real good to their country, yet men primarily considered that their own and their country’s interest was united, and did not act from a principle of benevolence.

That fewer still in public affairs act with a view to the good of mankind.

The Goodness Party establishes its foundation with benevolence and with a view to the good of mankind and our country.

The Goodness Party veers from some of Franklin’s recommendations on starting the party, including secrecy in its infancy and the make-up of its initial members. There is no time to waste.

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Franklin’s call to action for US: Start the Goodness Party.

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“There seems to me at present to be great occasion for raising a united party for virtue…I at present think, that whoever attempts this aright, and is well qualified, cannot fail of pleasing God, and of meeting with success.”