Goodness Party Franklin quote 27 What America offers

America offers a good environment, good people, and good government

Franklin’s wisdom for US: Good government and people along with a healthy environment make a desirous nation.

Franklin wrote similar words in 1783 in another letter, adding “and water” after “whole air.” These all relate to the physical environment, which we need to protect for the health of our citizens.

The goodness of government and virtuous people round out the list of what our country had to offer migrants coming to the United States.

These qualities remain valuable today.

Franklin’s call to action for US: Push for a people and government of goodness. Protect and improve our environment.

Quote on image:

“Our country offers to strangers nothing but a good climate, fertile soil, wholesome air, free governments, wise laws, liberty, a good people to live among, and a hearty welcome.”