Benjamin Franklin quote dirt thrown on a mud wall may stick

Do goodness despite the hate

Franklin’s wisdom for US: Goodness prevails over hatred.

Franklin was accused by some of his enemies as the author of the Stamp Act. In a letter to a friend who had sent Franklin a copy of a negative essay on Franklin, Franklin responded that the two of them needed to take the high road and continue to serve the country. Over time, justice will prevail.

Franklin also consoled himself and took pity on his enemies. He wrote in the same letter:

Your consolation, my friend, and mine, under these abuses, must be, that we do not deserve them. But what can console the writers and promoters of such infamously false accusations, if they should ever come themselves to a sense of that malice of their hearts, and that stupidity of their heads, which by these papers they have manifested and exposed to all the world. Dunces often write satires on themselves, when they think all the while that they are mocking their neighbors.

Franklin’s call to action for US: Stay focused on doing goodness in our nation.

Quote on image:

“Let us, as we ever have done, uniformly endeavor the service of our country, according to the best of our judgment and abilities, and time will do us justice. Dirt thrown on a mud wall may stick and incorporate; but it will not long adhere to polished marble.”