Benjamin Franklin quote become really great by being good

Only goodness can lead to greatness

Franklin’s wisdom for US: Goodness is a prerequisite for greatness.

Franklin prefaces his wise words with the observation that almost every person has a natural desire to be valued and esteemed by others. Instead of to trying to obtain these by living virtuously and doing goodness (“the right and only infallible method of becoming so”), we try other methods like wit, wealth, and beauty. These other methods fall short compared to virtue.

One of the Goodness Party mottos echoes Franklin’s sentiment: Only goodness leads to greatness.

The Goodness Party stresses goodness in our governments and in all of us. That is our only path to greatness.

Franklin’s call to action for US: Do goodness in everything you do.

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“If we were as industrious to become Good, as to make ourselves Great, we should become really Great by being Good, and the Number of valuable Men would be much increased; but it is a Grand Mistake to think of being Great without Goodness; and I pronounce it as certain, that there was never yet a truly Great Man that was not at the same Time truly Virtuous.”