Goodness Party Benjamin Franklin call to action 2 of 6

Franklin’s Call to Action for US (2 of 6)

This is the second of six posts that recap Franklin’s calls to action for us.

The Goodness Party has highlighted 33 quotes from Benjamin Franklin over the past six weeks. Each quote has been introduced with Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom for US (each of us and the United States) and Benjamin Franklin’s call to action for US.

We should all implement Franklin’s calls to action this election season.

Calls to Action for US on image:

“Create laws wisely. Tighten and enforce conflict of interest regulations for elected officials.

Do not elect people who think they are above the people or who do not serve all citizens. Remind officials they are public servants.

Do all the goodness we can, in all the ways we can, for all the people we can.

Ensure we are always be the country of choice for everyone in the world.

Support a free press, freedom of speech, and whistleblowers that call out injustice, illegal activities, unethical behavior, negligence, and corruption in our government officials.”