Goodness Party Benjamin Franklin call to action 3 of 6

Franklin’s Call to Action for US (3 of 6)

This is the third of six posts that recap Franklin’s calls to action for us.

The Goodness Party has highlighted 33 quotes from Benjamin Franklin over the past six weeks. Each quote has been introduced with Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom for US (each of us and the United States) and Benjamin Franklin’s call to action for US.

We should all implement Franklin’s calls to action this election season.

Calls to Action for US on image:

“Ensure public education is properly funded, of high quality, and available to all citizens.

Implement policies and programs that empower citizens to raise themselves out of poverty.

End slavery and human trafficking of all forms.

Expose hypocrites. Do not vote for hypocrites.

Ensure laws do not favor the wealthy in any form or fashion, whether citizens or migrants.

Push for transparency throughout all levels of government. Ensure there is a free press to review the actions of our government and our elected officials.”