Goodness Party Benjamin Franklin wisdom for us 2 of 5

Franklin’s Wisdom for US (2 of 5)

This is the second of five posts that recap Franklin’s wisdom for us as we enter the election season.

The Goodness Party has highlighted 33 quotes from Benjamin Franklin over the past five weeks. Each quote has been introduced with Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom for US (each of us and the United States) and Benjamin Franklin’s call to action for US.

We should all heed Franklin’s wisdom, learn from them, and apply them.

Wisdom for US on image:

“Many laws are enacted for personal gain rather than public good.

Always remember that government officials in democracies perform duties for the public and serve its constituents.

God judges us on the goodness in our actions to others.

How we are looked at externally is a guide for how we are doing as a country.

A democracy requires the ability of its citizens to call out the corruption, mishandlings, wrongs, ethical lapses, and illegalities of its leaders.

Providing a good education is critical to a happy public and long-lasting nation.”