Goodness Party Mottos and U.S. Flag

Vote for Goodness This Election Season and For Evermore

The Goodness Party has two meaningful mottos. Both have nods from Benjamin Franklin himself.

Our first motto is:

Only goodness leads to greatness.

We will not achieve our American ideals until we embrace and act with goodness — as individuals, as a people, and as a nation.

Franklin wisely knew that for humankind, goodness was a requirement for being great, and that it would be much better if people stopped attempting to make themselves great, and instead focused on being good people. Only then will greatness be achievable. He wrote:

It is a Grand Mistake to think of being Great without Goodness; and I pronounce it as certain, that there was never yet a truly Great Man that was not at the same Time truly Virtuous.

Our second motto is:

A better US, a better world.

When we — all of us and the United States — do goodness, the world is a better place for all of God’s creatures.

Franklin would heartily agree. He wrote a similar sentiment regarding liberty, and how our liberty in the United States helps the people of other nations.

Establishing the liberties of America will not only make the people happy, but will have some effect in diminishing the misery of those who in the other parts of the world groan under despotism, by rendering it more circumspect, and inducing it to govern with a lighter hand.

It is critical for our country during this election season that we move the needle away from hatred and harmful partisanship and toward goodness for all Americans.

Vote only for candidates that show goodness in their words and actions to all Americans. Vote for goodness.